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Don't Exercise...Cellercise!

Utilise the force of gravity and make cellercising the most efficient and enjoyable form of exercise without wear and tear on joints and muscles.

Packages & Prices

These genuine Cellercisers are the latest 2024 model from the USA by Dave Hall and include the upgraded package. I have been an authorised Australian distributor since 2010. Due to shortage of supply, I generally don't have stock in Australia. Airfreight usually takes 7 to 10 days from the USA to your home address.
To purchase now using a credit card, click on the blue box at the bottom of either page and it will direct you to Dave Hall's website. Then click on Shop. A discount of $30 USD ($45 AUD) is on offer. Click Get Coupon 
To receive $100 AUD discount, best payment method is via online banking using BSB and Account Number. When you are ready to purchase, I will email you the invoice which will contain all my personal details. 
If you have any questions, please call, text or email me. I guarantee to offer the best service and lowest price in Australia and can organise any international orders with the same discounted rate.

Tri-Fold Cellerciser with Streamlined Balance Bar

Package includes portable carry case, new streamlined balance bar, DVD and exercise chart.
The Tri-Fold Cellerciser folds in thirds for easy storage and transport. Ideal for those travelling in a motor home.

           5 years warranty on parts.

$1,435 AUD including delivery *

Bi-Fold Cellerciser with Balance Bar

Package includes carry case, balance bar, DVD download and exercise chart.
The balance bar is recommended and is useful for targeting different muscle groups. For example, supporting movements which require leaning back or tilting forward.
5 years warranty on parts.
$1,185 AUD including delivery *

Bi-Fold Cellerciser without Balance Bar

Package includes carry case, DVD download and exercise chart.
It is still possible to receive the benefits of using the Cellerciser without the balance bar. Concentrate on balance and doing basic movements such as health bounce. Avoid bouncing high.
5 years warranty on parts.
$1,045 AUD including delivery *

Promotion & Specials

Sale Price
* Price includes a $100 AUD discount off the recommended retail price. Refer to Dave Hall's website for exact pricing on all packages. Please contact me for a quote in AUD.
* Price includes airfreight delivery. Some rural areas may incur an additional $85 AUD fee. Please provide postcode so I can calculate airfreight to your home address.
Buy Local
Support small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in Australia. The 5 year warranty is handled by me and submitted to Dave Hall. Spare parts can be purchased at cost price.

Why Cellercise?

By Gavin Cloete

To me, the Cellerciser is not only the best quality rebounder or mini trampoline on the market but also the best piece of health and fitness equipment. Utilising the force of gravity makes cellercising the easiest, most efficient and enjoyable form of exercise, without the wear and tear on joints and muscles. The triple tiered and tapered springs of the Cellerciser is what makes all the difference and sets it apart from all other brands. The beautiful gentle bounce is consistent and the permatron mat is top quality especially the cross stitching along the border of the mat.
Be wary of cheap imitation models where quality is compromised. These may cause permanent injuries. Try avoiding rebounders that use tube springs which is common among sporting goods stores. Any rebounders that use bungee cords such as Bellicon will eventually need replacing, adding to the already high outlay costs. A while ago, I bought a second hand ReboundAir quarter fold which is Albert Carter's most advanced model. It is well built but the springs are inferior to Dave Hall's patented Tri-Flex springs. The Cellerciser is built to last a lifetime.
Stimulating the lymphatic system alone is a major reason why we all should cellercise each day to help fight disease and build our immune system. It also improves the function of all the other organs and systems of the body such as circulatory, respiratory, muscular, skeletal etc. It's great for weight loss as you burn calories quickly. Results can be achieved without the high intensity workouts that are usually associated with exercising.
Invest in your health today and start cellercising. Although the price of the Cellerciser may seem to be a large sum of money, I guarantee customer satisfaction and value for a high quality product. No other exercise program compares. NASA has published articles on the benefits of using a trampoline. In Dave Hall's words "The Cellerciser's all steel frame, space-aged mat, and patented Tridaptable springs provide long-term durability and the best bounce possible".
The Cellerciser is sure to bring many years of health, happiness and joy to the entire family.
Happy cellercising!

Why choose the Cellerciser?

Watch the video below by Dave Hall